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Two eagle species are found in North America – golden eagle and bald eagle. Both are experienced hunters and birds of prey, though one often will resort to stealing food from other raptors when the situation arises. Bald Eagle is the national emblem of the United States until golden eagle earned this honor in Mexico.

The golden eagle and bald eagle are similar in size, weighing six to 14 kilograms. Bald eagle, according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, can be measured as 37.8 inches and the maximum length of the golden eagle is a little less. However, the golden eagle has a larger wingspan, ranging from 72.8 to 86.6 inches. Bald eagle has a wingspan of about 80 inches. Identification Ireland golden eagle has all brown body.

Bald eagle has a dark brown body and tail and its head are white; white head gives the bird its name. Bald eagle has reliable yellow bill. Golden Eagle is all brown head and nape of tan shade. The bill golden eagle is usually darker than the bald eagle. Both birds have sharp claws and hooked bills.


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