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Emoticons, smileys or emojis are used for Apple iPhone, iPAD, Mac, Android, emojis for WhatsApp and its is part of the Apple Color Emoji font. WhatsApp also uses Apple’s, emoticons images across all platforms, including Android.

Below you will find the most popular WhatsApp emojis which you can download and share with your friends for free. is one of the largest Emoji meaning database website where you can find any kind of emoji of all smartphone platforms including Apple, emojidex, Emoji One, Emojipedia, Facebook, Google, HTC, Instagram, LG, Microsoft, Mozilla, Samsung, Slack, Snapchat, Telegram, Twitter, Viber, WhatsApp, Yo Status.

They are available in different categories such as ? Smileys & People, ? Animals & Nature, ? Food & Drink, ⚽ Activity, ? Travel & Places, ? Objects, ? Symbols, ? Flags


Download Emoji PNG images transparent gallery.


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