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Submitted by on May 7, 2016

Fantasy is an integral part of our thinking. It is the imagination of your extreme and shows how far your minds can go beyond the normal and natural. All the works have an element of fantasy, as well as when the artist paints nudes or the poet dreams of a perfect world, even reality itself seems to take some fantastic or slightly exaggerated form.

Although for creative composition of fantasy can be a controversial topic, and researchers would say that fantasy is a distinct psychological process, which is shown only in films, stories, works of art, which essentially contain supernatural phenomena.

All the stories and art forms of magic, supernatural elements or scientifically implausible and unrealistic scenarios can be seen in the fantasy genre. But, as we know, even in science, some of the theory of the many worlds in quantum physics and the theory of death of the dinosaurs in biology and biblical theory of creationism is all based on imagination and fantasy elements, although the theory of many worlds and theory of the disappearance are both strongly supported by the facts or equations as well.

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