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Fingerprint scanning is the oldest among the biometric imaging technology that uses various features of human fingerprints, to identify or confirm the identity of different people. The patterns of furrows and ridges of fingerprints are unique to each person. For over a hundred years, fingerprints have been sprinkled for the detection for crime more than for security reasons. Today, with the advent of biometric technologies, fingerprint imaging or scanning has given various corporations, institutions and organizations secure and accurate ways to obtain the necessary information from a simple fingerprint.

Secure Systems fingerprint authentication using biometric data from the original print of a human finger for identification purposes. No two people in the world do not have exactly the same fingerprint image. Fingerprints of every human fingerprint is unique and, therefore, this information may be used by some biometric devices or systems to accurately determine a person’s identity before access to a protected building, office or device.

There are fingerprint locks which rely on fingerprint users to unlock the door. It has a built-in fingerprint sensor, which is used to scan a person’s fingerprint, which intends to enter the house.

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