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Indian national flag symbolizes the national pride and is one of the most respected national symbols. The late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru called it a “flag not only of freedom for ourselves, but it is a symbol of freedom for all people.”

Under Indian law, the national flag will consist of khadi. Flag Code of India regulates the use of the flag. Initially, the use of the flag by private citizens shall be prohibited, with the exception of national days like Republic Day and Independence Day. Gradually, however, some changes were made in the Cabinet of the Union for the use of the flag by private individuals. The code is modified for use of the product and adapt it to other kinds of garments.

Indian national flag is popularly known as Tiranga, which means “three colors”. This horizontal tricolor in equal proportions of saffron deep at the top, in the middle of white and green at the bottom. The ratio of width to length of the flag is 2:3 central white band, is a wheel with 24 spokes in dark blue color, which indicates Dharma Chakra (the wheel of law).

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