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Mowgli is the main character of the Disney cartoon movie 1967 “The Jungle Book” of and its sequel.

Mowgli is a human child found in a basket on the edge of a torn boat, as a baby by Bagheera, a black panther, with that fraction of the boat laying on a rock, and its rear end faces up. Mowgli was orphaned and raised by a pack of wolves until he was ten years old. However, the threat of Shere Khan forces the flock to send him away, and Bagheera decides to take him to the man-village for his protection.

In the first scene of the film, Mowgli as a child was found in a battered canoe. His parents nowhere to be found, but it is clear that they died shortly before Bagiera discovered Mowgli. How exactly this is unknown, but it can be concluded that a dirty river incident claimed their lives.


Mowgli is depicted as an ordinary child in the original film. In general, they were happy, but it was difficult for them to understand the rules and even more to change. His goal throughout the film was to somehow find its place in the jungle, hoping to stay there, despite the threat of Shere Khan. This ambition will create problems for Mowgli, since he will unknowingly become a pawn of schemes from some animals, such as Kaa the Python and King Louie, who both wanted to manipulate Mowgli for their gain, rather than treat him as a member, which is truly what the man-cub desired.

This is one of the reasons why Mowgli’s relationship with Baloo (Bear animal) is so strong. Unlike most other animals, Baloo did not look at qualms about Mowgli’s idea of remaining in the jungle and man-cub as his son as their time together escalated, as their time increased when Mowgli returned his affection, looking at Baloo as his father. After Baloo finally realized the importance of entering Mowgli into the Village of Man, he fell out of love, because he wanted only the best for Mowgli, even though this would lead to their separation. The same can be said about the wise and often gloomy panthers, Bagheera, although Mowgli’s stubbornness and inability to understand the circumstances of his situation will leave the male child undesirable and unworthy of love. However, Mowgli would have known to the end of the film and immediately corrected his close ties.

Interestingly, Mowgli is a quite fearless and brave, but not stupid man, despite his size, illiteracy and the lack of animal abilities and survival instincts. When he encounters obstacles in the jungle, the male will take revenge as soon as the danger passes, and often goes to the tree top. And even when physically and mentally surpass, Mowgli will stand his ground and do something to prove that he is not afraid.

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