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Submitted by on Apr 20, 2016

In 2008, My Little Pony toys celebrate 25 wonderful years of singularity and celebrity status. My Little Pony designed and made by Hasbro, My Little Pony toys brought magical entertainment for millions of little girls around the world for several decades, and they are still around today, bringing joy to children and adult collectors.

These rainbow, cute My Little Pony toys have a long and rich history, but typical pony characters remain the same – whimsical and beautiful, as well as Hasbro developed and portrayed by some very powerful marketing strategies.

Most little girls dream of owning a My Little Pony toys, to some extent, to make this dream a reality. Especially for the little girls who were born in 1970, grew up in the 80’s. My Little Pony toys inspired almost a whole generation. My Little Pony toys became so popular that they outsold the infamous and massively successful Barbie doll at one point.

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