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Sheep are one of the first animals, when you imagine different types of wool, of course, they are not the only animals in whose fibers are used. There are many breeds of sheep that produce many watt fiber levels. Rough wool, used for blankets and carpets, while a thin Merino wool fabrics are used for delicate fabrics, such as smart-wave, which can be machine washed and dried. It can be treated to reduce or stop the compression, making wave as durable and easy to carry as fibers.

Alpaca, camel relative of the llama, are gaining popularity around the world as the production of types of wool. They are smaller than camels or llamas, which are usually considered as a transport and pack animals. They are larger than those wild vicuña. Because they are the carriers of high mountain animals, they have a very heavy lush fleece that is very valuable. Its lack of lanolin in their fleece makes their fleece less greasy wool. They tend to take up less space on the sheep farm produce and cut one year as sheep do.

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