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Slinky was originally intended for use as a tension spring in battleship engine horsepower meter. In 1943, Richard James, a marine engineer at the shipyard in Philadelphia, working on his desk, a specially designed meter to monitor the horsepower output on naval battleships. This meter requires the use of special springs to stabilize the tool in the rough sea. Once James accidentally knocked more than one of the sources with which he worked on his desk. To his surprise, the spring fell from its position on the desk, and then “walked” from that place to a pile of books and, finally on the floor where it coiled back up.


The slinky was invented and designed by military engineer Richard T. James in 1943 and demonstrated at the Gimbels department store in Philadelphia in November 1945. The toy was a hit selling all of its stock of 400 units in ninety minutes.



Each Slink contains 67 feet of flat steel wire and weighs about 1/2 kilogramme. When Slinky shrinks, it is only 2-1/4 inches in length, but can be stretched into a helix up to 15 feet without deformation.

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