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Submitted by on Jul 2, 2016

We live in the twenty-first century and around us, every thing changes rapidly. Usually we hear that now train, bus, car, post office, bank and service system, etc. working as computerization. Normally all people trust the automated system because this works according to the given functions and give result accurate, never tired and more reliable.

Software development is a long process, and it is developing step by step. When a customer wants a software development company for the development of the software then the first phase of the project will be planned at the stage of studying What problems may arise in the development of this project.

Project may be possible or not. Cover the cost of the project by the client or a check to ensure this project is in the process of evaluation in this area can be developed or not. The system design is the most important stage of the project. In this area, all steps mentioned which works as a software where the data stores, when the data come and go and display, etc.

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