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The Abyssinian cat, known for its characteristic fur and popularity throughout the country, has become a happy addition to many homes and seems ready to come to many more.


Although rumors of Abyssinians usually date back to Ethiopia, the origin of this cat remains unclear. Genetic and DNA testing has traced this popular breed in the Indian Ocean or even Egypt, although its name comes from Ethiopia. Although its origin remains uncertain, the breed was developed over time in Egypt, where it is believed that British colonists purchased the distinct animal from traders. Wild versions of the Abyssinian cat still roam the northern parts of Africa, and it is believed that this breed dates from millennia.

Features and Characteristics

The Abyssinian cat is best known for its coat. This distinctive coat can be traced back to one mutant gene, known as “ta.” The hair is thick and incredibly silky to the touch. Appearance, however, is what distinguishes this cat’s fur from others. Each hair on their bodies is surrounded by multi-colored stripes that complement and emphasize a single base color. There are many different color variations in the Abyssinian community, and Abyssinian kittens usually begin to darken at birth and then become lighter, more final as they grow older.

The Abyssinian is also known for its large and prominent ears, which seem to be always on high alert. The rest of the head is broad and wedge-shaped. The tail of the Abyssinian is also longer than most other breeds of cats, and at the end, it tapers to a very narrow point. Abyssinian cats are also surprisingly strong and nimble, which catches some owners by surprise, as their bone structure looks incredibly thin and graceful. They also usually have “frown lines” appearing above the nose and eyes, which most noticeably form a very distinctive “m” shape.

Behavior and Temperament

You could not ask for a smarter and more interactive breed. Abyssinian cats are known for their curiosity and playful spirit, and they learn very quickly and easily. These cats are not known for serious squatting times – they are more likely than usual to continually examine their surroundings with curiosity common to the entire breed. It is known that many Abyssinians even play fetches when they are given such an opportunity.

These cats spend so much time interacting and exploring their surroundings that they often do not receive the affection and attention from their human comrades, which they need.

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