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A representative who advises his or her client in a certain area of expertise is an agent. Agents are represented by athletes, authors, models, actresses, producers, entertainers, and other celebrities. They assist their clients in achieving their goals. The agent will not live if the client does not succeed.

Those whose clients hit it rich, on the other hand, might earn a lot of money; Deion Sanders, for example, received a $35 million contract to play football for the Dallas Cowboys. His agent stands to gain $5.2 million from that single sale (assuming a typical 15% fee). Paydays like this might help to make the uncertainty of income bearable.

An agent spends the most of his or her day on the phone, setting up meetings, discussing prospects, networking, and keeping up with industry trends and deals. Clients account for about a third of all phone time, with the agent explaining and planning on their behalf. Meetings in person are also crucial. The agent’s bread and butter is his or her ability to negotiate.

“Receive murdered in a negotiation-you only get a bit less than what you want,” according to some. An agent must be willing to identify and live with creative compromises. Those who succeed must be tenacious, prepared to battle for their clients, and able to sell ideas and communicate coherently.

To be effective for their customers, agents must have access to individuals who can create deals, thus cocktail conversational skills and power-lunch political understanding are essential. It’s vital to understand that other agents may not always welcome new agents with warm arms.

Other agents will acknowledge you and even talk to you about their work, but they will not give you their contact information or reveal any of their secrets. Developing your contacts, tactics, and procedures is a large part of the challenge of becoming a successful agent. Despite their adversarial relationship, the agents show a great level of regard for one another.

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