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Alienware is a computer manufacturer based in Miami, known for its high-end gaming machines, such as the Alienware m17 R2 laptop. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of computer giant Dell Inc. Its laptops and desktop products often have an outlandishly styled body and high-end components, often with corresponding price tags.

Although termed a manufacturer, Alienware takes components made by third-party manufacturers, such as Gigabyte and Intel, and assembles them into the finished products.

Although it is mainly focused on PC gaming, thanks to the high specification of the components used, Alienware computers are suitable for other intensive applications, such as high-definition video editing, sound and graphics production. Therefore, they can be considered a good alternative to the Apple iMac or MacBook for such tasks.

Although Alienware customers are free to choose peripherals for computer games, such as headphones, mice and keyboards, they offer their products to fill this niche. Although they carry the Alienware trademark, these components are usually pre-brand products that are manufactured by other companies.

The Beginnings of Alienware

The company was founded in 1996 to serve gamers who need top-class machines. At that time, major manufacturers, such as Dell and HP, did not offer real gaming computers, and those who were looking for such machines had to acquire individual components and create the rigs themselves.

With the development of technology, Alienware has discovered another gap in the market of gaming machines for laptops or notebooks, which was not the case with well-known manufacturers. Due to the nature of custom-made laptops, self-build by enthusiasts in this sector wasn’t an option.

Their characteristic style of science fiction also distinguished the company from beige boxes, which were usually offered by the big names at the time.

Dell Takeover

Dell took over the company in 2006 and became its subsidiary, leaving Alienware free to develop M11x games and other similar products, enjoying the purchasing power and technical expertise of such a large and respected technology company. Not only were Alienware products sold in six countries before the takeover, but now Dell’s supply chain is available in 45 countries.

Alienware gaming computers are manufactured at its traditional base in Miami, Florida, as well as at the Dell factory in County Westmeath, Ireland.

During the takeover, Dell offered a range of gaming machines branded as XPS. In the coming years, trying not to hurt sales of new acquisitions, the Dell XPS line has changed its direction from purely computer games to high-quality games. The XPS line now offers 3D screens and Blu-ray devices that mark them as high-quality products.

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