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Android Oreo has enhanced functionality, improved security and improved performance. Here are the 5 most interesting features of Android 8.0:

Picture in Picture:

The image in the picture, also known as PIP mode, allows the user to enjoy multitasking on the move. This allows the user to open a small window in the phone that showcases the application in pause mode. This allows you to enjoy two different applications without any hustles. This feature is now available for Android TV, but now it will also be available for phones.

Notification Badges:

You do not need to open the app again and again just to ensure if you have missed a notification. A small dot appears above the app icon, displaying pending notifications.


Notification Channels:

The small channel will now contain information related to all notifications in the app. This channel will be very customizable. You can change the color, theme, mass notifications, etc. This will allow you to quickly and easily access notifications on the go.

Background Activity Limitations:

Android 8.0 introduces new background borders to prevent excessive use of the device’s battery and memory. New restrictions are added on location, wifi-scan, background services and broadcast.

Security and Privacy (Permissions):

Android Oreo has made security one of its main areas of focus. It focuses on consumer privacy and data security. For this, Google released Google Play Protect, which works as an antivirus scanner for Android applications.

Why Update Apps for Android 8.0?

Although some application owners may need to update their applications as described above, this does not mean that if this is not required, you should ignore it. Upgrading the application ensures the competitiveness of the application market and ensures that users cannot switch from your application to your competitors.

It is always better to step forward and follow the road, adapting to change. New features, such as the picture in picture, notification channels and points, etc., seek to provide greater control over the consumer. By ensuring that your application contains the users with the highest priority, you will not only save your current users, but also make more users.

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