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There is always a saying that no matter where you are or what you do, your guiding Angels are always by your side, who are they? Who sent them to guide us, and why don’t you see them? This and many more are the questions that bother many people.

There are disputes about the origin of human, and this usually leads to a conflict of interest, especially when it comes to the issue of angels, some people do not believe that man evolved from another source, while others believe in theory God’s creation of man and the fact that he has put an invisible being on guide to protect us from any danger.

People communicate with their guardians through prayers, whether you pray aloud or be silent, your prayer has already been heard by your God, and your Angels will act according to the instructions given to them by God.


People usually think of connecting with them, but the truth is that we are not separated from them, even if the physical body tells us that we are separated from them because they do not have a physical form. We can feel their presence when we pray or meditate, the entry into the spirit will connect us again, and we can tell them what we want, and it will be done.

Sometimes we think that some requests are higher than other; this is what the physical body tells us because all requests are equal to God and requests will be given in time. When we pray, we are always silent, and at that moment, you are a spirit, and all your request will be accepted.

The level of prayer may differ from one person to other. It can be as simple as closing your eyes and quietly elevating your spirit to the Lord. It can also be as loud as you can by praising God for what he has done.

When you pray, you request your Angels to take your praise, worship and prayer to the Lord and answer them, the result of the prayers is also sent through the Angels to everyone. You should always remember that you continuously pray for others so that they will be in close contact with God and your guardian Angels.

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