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In the community of “Anime” for the majority of fans and followers, Anime is “Anime” and Cartoons are “Cartoons”. For both of them, things are really different from each other.

Firstly, many people are confused between anime and cartoon characters just because they are both animated, which does not mean that they are both the same. There are so many differences in the anime and cartoons. While both are animations that can be animated, anime, usually has a visually distinctive features of characters.

So I’ll explain the difference between the two. Anime is Japanese animation production, which are available in various formats, such as TV series like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Piece, etc, animated shorts and feature films. But cartoon is two-dimensional illustrated visual art that is not realistic or semi-realistic drawings.

Anime characters have different facial and physical characteristics that are very similar to reality, big eyes and a small mouth created because of cuteness. On the other hand, the physical characteristics of the cartoons are far from reality than the anime. Anime characters also show a variety of different types of facial expressions While the cartoons do not.

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