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“A small noise of applause makes a magic difference, then a note of a hundred dollar.”

Motivation is a kind of positive push for a person to go further to achieve their wants and desires. In the early 1980s and 1990s, the term motivation was not seen at higher levels, nor used on a large scale. But over time, people have felt and seen the magic of motivation. It became a term that began to be widely used in professional and personal life. Motivation is one of those terms that has a broad explanation and a small meaning. It can be widely explored, examined, and collected.

Motivation – In The Broad Sense

The motivation must be started from the portal of an organization, from the first day of the new entrant until the last day of service. Motivation can occur at any stage of your service and employment. It has no connection with your designation. It is also considered in two ways: personal motivation and motivation of praise. Self-motivation is a motivation in which an employee aspires to the environment and to initiatives taken or carried out in a close environment. This is one of the best ways to aspire to the employee. As if an employee considers that his colleague is receiving additional attention or has been rewarded in terms of applause, thank you letter or money, etc. by management and others, he automatically feels motivated to work in the same direction in which he could gain more credibility than others gain.


What is The Motivation Behind This Action?

Each human being has their own specific brain. They like to indulge in what they believe in and what they want to believe in. It is generally and commonly accepted that the doctor’s son will be a doctor; The lawyer’s son will be a lawyer. These are the standards that others generally think of for others. For example, a doctor’s son/daughter will have a different environment from that of their home. Parents want children to adopt the same profession in which they are involved. Thus, the motivation of the environment and the surroundings motivates a child to behave, to adopt, and to act accordingly.

Motivation is also an important part of self-esteem. Self-esteem makes you more confident and direct in your communication and thinking. People want to be motivated to increase their morale and want to be confident like everyone else. To boast up, they motivate themselves to be confident to increase their self-esteem. The same is true with self-assessment.

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