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The well-known computer firm Apple Inc.’s logo is a “bitten apple.” It’s one of the most instantly identifiable logos globally, and it’s a suitable symbol for the firm behind the image.

The Apple logo hasn’t always been the same, or even close to it. Ronald Wayne, a co-founder of Apple Computer, designed its original logo during its incorporation in the 1970s. Although still connected to Apple, the logo was as dissimilar as it could be from its current appearance.

Isaac Newton, the scientist who revolutionized science with his findings on gravity, was the first picture to symbolize the computer company. What method did he use to find it out? He was hit in the head with an apple!

This incident was represented in Apple’s original logo, which featured Newton seated under an Apple tree.

“Newton… a mind eternally voyaging over vast oceans of thought,” wrote William Wordsworth, a romantic English poet, in the logo. The poem was inscribed on the logo’s frame.

What Does The Apple Logo Mean?

Apple has a scientific significance due to its direct link with one of Steve Jobs’s greatest moments in his life, when he lived in an apple orchard commune. The apple is a direct emblem of Isaac Newton’s amazing discovery: the law of gravity came home to him as he was blissfully napping under the apple tree, precisely as an apple had hit the scientist’s head. The significance of this event, which marked the birth of modern science, was as revolutionary as the invention of the first computer.

Nowadays, the minimalistic version has taken over, with just color and texture changes from matte to glossy. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” as one of Jobs’ favorite Leonardo Da Vinci quotes goes, and it fits well in the case of Apple.

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