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An apron is a garment that typically covers the front and back of the wearer’s torso, below the waist, and usually hangs down in the front.

It is traditionally made from cloth or metal with long ties to tie behind or in front. The word “apron” comes from Middle English “aepon”, meaning “cloth for the stomach”.

The design of an apron varies widely. Most are made to cover as much skin as possible but some are designed to only cover part of the body – especially on women, who might use it to expose their midriff or abdomen.

An apron may be used for cooking, by chefs and home cooks alike, but many are also used as protective gear by professionals who cook with heat sources such as hot grills.

Over the years, apron has been a household item used to protect clothes from food stains. It is now also used as an accessory for fashion and fashionistas.

An apron can be either the garment or an object covering the front of the wearer’s torso and groin, usually tied or closed with ties at the back or sides.


Aprons are mainly made out of cloth or cotton that is often embroidered or decorated with different designs.

Waterproof Apron

A waterproof apron is a protective garment that can be worn on the body while cooking. It is usually made from thicker fabric and has a long strap to help keep it from being pulled up around the neck.

In recent years, the waterproof apron has been gaining traction among foodies and chefs because it keeps food from absorbing excess moisture. In addition, some chefs have been using them as part of an overall look for their dishes.

The waterproof apron can also be used as an additional layer for other garments such as the chef coat or the white coat.

Is An Apron Considered Clothing?

The answer to this question is no. Apron is not considered clothing because it’s a garment designed to protect the clothes that a person is wearing. Apron may be worn over or under a shirt or jacket and something that covers part of the clothes on your body.

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