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Archery is a game or a sport, which involves shooting arrows that were shot with a bow and aiming at the same goal. Usually enough right? This may sound like a no-brainer, but not so fast my little cupid. Describing the onion in lay terms, this may seem simplistic, but it is far from being easy.

When it comes to archery, the range can be described as closer your archery shooting at targets. Archery is evaluated separately by each player. The result is then added and he or she with the highest cumulative score is declared the winner.


Shooting archery are divided into types, for example, field archery and target archery. To shoot archery targets, the player will shoot the arrow from various distances from one goal, which is also known as the range. These goals are generally block targets and made of foam. When included in a field archery, archers are allowed to move and shoot at targets of different sizes and from different distances.

Stabilizers main aim is to stabilize the bow of the archer. Arrows pointed tips made of metal. Metal is located on the front and back of the arrow.

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