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Armour or armor is a protective coating used to prevent damage to an object, individual or vehicle by weapons or projectiles in direct contact, usually during combat, or damage from an environment or a potentially dangerous activity (for example, cycling, construction sites, etc.). Personal armor is used to protect soldiers and war animals. Vehicle armor is used on warships and armored combat vehicles.

A second use of the term armor describes armored forces, armored weapons, and their role in combat. After the evolution of the armored war, the mechanized infantry and their weapons became collectively called “armor.”

Armor has been used throughout recorded history. It was made from a variety of materials, starting with the use of leathers or fabrics as protection and evolving through the mail and the metal plate in modern composites today. For much of military history, the manufacture of personal metal armor has dominated the technology and employment of personal metal armor. Armor spurred the development of many important technologies from the ancient world, including wood lamination, mining, metal refining, vehicle manufacturing, leather processing, and later metalworking decorative. Its production was influential in the industrial revolution and favored the commercial development of metallurgy and engineering. Armor was the most influential factor in the development of firearms, which in turn revolutionized the war.



Important factors in the development of armor include the economic and technological necessities of its production. For example, plate armor first appeared in medieval Europe when water-powered trip hammers made plate formation faster and cheaper. In addition, modern armed forces generally do not equip their forces with the best available armor, as this would cost too much. Sometimes the development of armor has paralleled the development of more and more effective weapons on the battlefield, with armorers seeking to create better protection without sacrificing mobility.

The types of armor well known in European history include the lorica hamata, the lorica Squamata and the lorica segmentata of the Roman legions, the mail hauberk of the early medieval age and the steel sheet harness worn by medieval and renaissance knights later, and the chest and back plates worn by heavy cavalry in several European countries until the first year of the First World War (1914–15). Samurai warriors in feudal Japan used many types of armor for hundreds of years until the 19th century.


Today, ballistic vests, also known as flak jackets, made of ballistic fabric (eg kevlar, dyneema, twaron, specters, etc.) and ceramic or metal plates are common among the strengths police, security personnel, correctional officers and certain branches of the military.

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