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Aruba flag consists of a pale blue base with two fine yellow vertical stripes on the lower third of the flag, and four pointed red stars with white outline in the upper left corner.

There are conflicting meanings of the ​​Aruban flag colors. One theory is that the four five-pointed star represents itself and its four major languages, Papiamento, Spanish, English and Dutch island. Dark blue represents the sea and the sky. Yellow stripes indicate wanglo, which is a yellow colored type rainflower. Another theory is that the yellow color of abundance, representing Aruba past and present industries of gold, aloe and oil; Red means love that each Aruban has for its country and the ancient industry of Brazil wood; and white represents the snow-white beaches, and purity of heart Arubans who are seeking justice, order and freedom. Yellow stripes symbolize the free and separate position of the island enjoys in the Netherlands.


Modern Aruba flag was adopted on March 18, 1976.

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