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Audio speakers are needed to get the most out of music or sound on the TV. There are many different types of audio speakers to choose from, with styles including floor speakers, wall mounted speakers, with a range of sizes. There will usually be two speakers, but you can have more if that is what is required. There are also many different brands to choose from, including Sony, Bose, and Creative Inspire. There are also many personal audio speakers that you can use to listen to your music, especially on your iPod. Some of the best personal speakers worth considering are detailed below:

BOSE Sound Dock Portable iPod Dock – These speakers have a stylish and elegant design, offering great sound for your music. You can charge the batteries with these speakers or connect them to the mains. These speakers also come with a remote control, so you can change tracks or increase volume without leaving the sofa.

Sony XDR-DS12iP Docking Station for iPod/iPhone – You can listen to both your iPod and iPhone through these audio speakers, which provide fantastic sound quality. The remote control supplied with these speakers is wireless, so you can switch tracks from anywhere, wherever you are. If you want to change your own tracks, you can also listen to the radio through these docking stations. A built-in alarm will also help you stay on schedule.


Venom VS7044 Universal Portable Cube Speaker – Small and compact, they are compatible with iPod and iPhone and allow you to play really good quality sound. It can play for about 8 hours before requiring charging, so you can even take it on a trip.

Altec MP450 Octiv Stage Dock for iPad – As a Docking Station for the relatively new iPad, you can listen to music while relaxing with friends. Some of the features of this also include a pivot stand that allows you to watch it from different angles. Built-in speakers also provide good sound quality.

Fujifilm P10NA 01720A Travel Speakers – These are the ideal audio speakers to relax with you, they are compatible with iPod, iPhone, MP3 players and game consoles. They allow you to play sound for 6 hours before charging the battery and provide the ability to play sound without distortion. They are compact in size, so they won’t take up too much space in your suitcase.

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