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Avocados are super fruits among the best for its high nutritional values. This humble fruit even beat apple to keep the doctor away as a medium-sized avocado packed about 300 nutrient packed calories, and each contains vitamins C, D, C, E and B, as well as a wide range of primary and micronutrients, One tree can produce up to 600 avocado each year as avocado per day, it would be easily achievable.

On average avocado contains 81 mg of lutein, which helps to eye health and because of its mono and polyunsaturated fats. Avocado is a healthy replacement foods rich in saturated fats.

As the fruit which have the highest protein content than any other fruit of avocado can be extremely useful for any of any age. Avocados originated in Central and South America, and is also known as Alligator Pear for its texture and alligator pear-shaped.


Avocado tree is extremely flexible and capable of flexibility in the soil to grow in soil types, such as red clay, sand, volcanic loam, lateritic soils and limestone. This means that it is suitable for the soils of New Zealand.

This fruit is unique when it comes to harvest time, because they do not mature until they are still attached to the tree. The largest Avocado should be chosen first to ensure that after the avocados ripen well and which is typically one to two weeks at room temperature.

Avocado oil has the additional effect that it has the highest smoke point of other oils, making it more stable oil during high temperature cooking. Studies have shown, avocado oil’s vitamins A, B, D and E may increase the level of soluble collagen in the skin.

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