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B, is the letter corresponding to the Semitic beth and the Greek beta, which from an early age retained second place in all European alphabets except Cyrillic. The earliest form of writing appears on the stone of Moabite, dating back to the 9th century BCE. Early Greek forms retreated to intermediate Greek and Latin broadcasts, which were almost identical to modern B.

It is assumed that the equivalent Hebrew letter comes from an earlier symbol resembling the plan of the house; therefore, the letter was named beth, the Hebrew word for “hose.” English Little B is a descendant of the Latin bourgeois form, in which the top line is extremely extended and almost disappeared. The sound indicated by the letter is a pronounced double brake. It stood for this sound in the Semitic languages, both in Greek and in Latin. From the 2nd century CE, the Latin sound, as a rule, becomes a double helix, as there are signs of a spelling confusion between b and v. However, the letter is not used and is used in linguistic languages ​​to represent the labyrinth expression in the situations in which it was saved, including double bb and many of the originals b. The sound was always in English, where it came from Indo-European.


The Cyrillic alphabet was based on medieval Greek, in which the phonetic value of B had become v. Therefore, the new form develops as the phonetic equivalent of b, and this letter appears in the second position of the Cyrillic alphabet.

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