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Backgammon is one of the earliest board games known to man. Its origins may be traced over 5,000 years to archaeological finds in Mesopotamia, which is now Iraq. It’s a two-person game in which each player controls fifteen pieces (checkers or men) that move between twenty-four triangles (points) based on the results of two dice rolls. The game’s goal is to be the first to bear off, that is, to remove all fifteen checkers off the board. Backgammon is to the tables family of board games, which is one of the oldest.

Backgammon is a game that requires both strategy and chance (from rolling dice). While the dice may decide the outcome of a single game, the better player will amass a superior record over a long period. Players must pick from a variety of alternatives for moving their checkers with each roll of the dice and predict probable counter-moves by the opponent. A doubling cube is optional. However, it allows players to increase the stakes during the game.

Backgammon, like chess, has piqued the curiosity of computer scientists. Backgammon software such as TD-Gammon has been developed due to this study and is capable of defeating world-class human players.

Although there is no dominant authority in backgammon, the “rules of play” are agreed upon by worldwide tournaments.


Checkers, draughts, stones, men, counters, pawns, discs, pips, chips, or nips are all names for backgammon playing pieces.

The goal is for players to remove (bear off) all of their checkers from the board before their opponent. Because each game has a limited playing period, it is frequently played in contests where the first person to reach a particular number of points wins.

A track of 12 long triangles, known as points, runs along either side of the board. The issues are numbered 1 to 24 and create a continuous way in the shape of a horseshoe. Each player starts with fifteen chips, two of which are placed on their 24-point, three on their 8-point, and five on their 13-point and 6-point in the most typical arrangement. From the 24-point to the 1-point, the two players move their chips in opposite ways.

The home board, also known as the inner board, comprises points 1 through 6, while the outside board is made up of points 7 through 12. The 7th point is the bar point, while the 13th point is the midway. The “golden point” for each player is usually referred to as such.

Each player rolls one die to begin the game, and the person with the higher number moves first, utilizing the numbers on both dice. If the players get the same number on their first roll, they must roll again. Both dice must land fully flat on the gameboard’s right side. After then, the players take turns rolling two dice at the start of each turn.

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