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Becoming a ballerina or ballet dancer is not easy. Decisiveness, undying spirit, hard work, pain and endless practice, combined with a deep love of dance, are part of a truly magical ballet dancer whose movement and step embody grace and beauty.

Ballet dancing involves pleasure mixed with danger. With injuries and other physical hazards galore, ballet is dangerous when not taught or studying correctly. Studies have shown that almost every company or school has its specialists for treating injuries.

Ballet dancers usually begin at an early age, around nine years, and become trained dancers in late adolescence. After graduating from well-known academic and dance programs, they usually audition to dance companies. Graduating from a good university program helps young dancers participate in dance companies.

Some schools, such as the CCanada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet and the School of American Ballet in New York, among other provide excellent ballet dancing training. Students usually start with few class hours and then continue for more hours.

Students and novices are allowed to participate in contests, music shows, etc.

Studies show that ballet dancers usually do not have a high salary, but with improvement, practice and experience, they typically play larger and more demanding roles in performances. Slowly and gradually, their income increases.

The realization of a short career in ballet dances does not soften the mood of those who dream of becoming a dancer. Ballet dancers undergo vigorous training and workouts and overcome all obstacles in their path to finally appear as a graceful dancer who plays the audience with beauty, grace and talent.

Some talented and famous ballet dancers include Anna Pavlova, Vaslav Nijinsky, Alicia Alonso, Briely Movric, Paloma Herrera, and Mikhail Baryshnikov, besides many, many others.

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