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A bar chart or bar graph is a chart or graph that uses rectangular bars with heights or lengths proportionate to the values they represent to show categorical data. The bars can be plotted either horizontally or vertically. A column chart is another name for a vertical bar chart.

Comparisons between discrete categories are shown in a bar graph. The chart’s one axis depicts the precise categories being compared, while the other displays a numerical value. Some bar graphs include many bars grouped together to illustrate the values of multiple measured variables.

Bar graphs and charts are used to visualise category data. Categorical data is the division of information into distinct categories, such as months of the year, age groups, shoe sizes, and animals. These are generally qualitative categories. Categories appear along the horizontal axis in a column (vertical) bar chart, and the height of the bar corresponds to the value of each category.


Bar charts have a discrete scope of categories and are often scaled to accommodate all of the data on the graph. When the categories being compared do not have a natural ordering, the bars on the chart can be placed in any sequence. Pareto charts are bar charts that are sorted from highest to lowest incidence.

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