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Barcodes are now seen in many places used by various industries and enterprises. Barcodes were originally used only for retail purposes. Later they appeared for use in many areas. Because barcodes are accurate, easy to use, and provide consistent data collection and timely feedback, more and more companies are beginning to use them to improve productivity and profitability. They are widely used in manufacturing, warehousing, transport, retail, transport and many other industries. Barcode technology is quite often used for asset management and tracking, healthcare, construction, and document management.

Modern Barcode Systems

After many changes, today’s barcodes are developing as the most effective tools for improving business performance. Today barcode systems are available in many shapes and sizes to meet the various needs of different businesses. The system consists mainly of four components. They are listed below.

Barcode Printer:

A barcode printer is used to print barcode labels. These desktop and wireless barcode printers are available today. Thermal transfer and direct thermal technologies are commonly used in barcode printers. Compared to regular printers, these printers print labels faster, more efficiently and with better print quality. Choosing the right type of printer for a bar code depends mainly on the type of label you are printing and the number printed per day.

Barcode Label:

Barcode labels are simply labels that print a barcode using a barcode printer. Labels are attached to products or items that are read by scanners. The barcode label layout varies by industry and application. Any combination of text, graphics and barcode can be printed on the barcode label. Barcode labels are available from a variety of materials that can work in virtually any environment.

Barcode Scanners:

Devices that are used to read barcodes are called barcode scanners. They help to accurately read information and reduce the frequency of errors. Barcode scanners use various scanning technologies such as laser, CCD and 2D.

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