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Bass guitar is an instrument widely used in groups to add a deep rich tone to the music. These guitars can be acoustic and electric, or a combination of both. There are five types of bass guitars available. They include four string of short, medium and long scale, five-string long scale and long scale of six string. Four rows short scale bass guitar is best suited for beginners.

Playing the bass guitar can be easy to learn, but can be more difficult to master, it all depends on where you want to go with it. Bass is relatively easy to start, and most people can pick up the basics and start playing right away, but to learn the bass guitar can be very advanced, because it is a kind of tool that is easy to start and can go almost endless possibilities.


Bass guitar music is referred to as “the instrument of the soul.” This gives a deep and hard driving background for each song that is playing. Most bass only have four strings and is much thicker than conventional guitars. They have a sturdy bodies and require strong hands to cope with them. The positioning of the fingers is crucial to achieve the integrity of the sound of each note. Once you learn to play the bass guitar, you’ll find it easier to learn and master the acoustic, electric, or Spanish guitar.

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