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When women fantasize about beginning their families, they often have the impression that their angelic newborns can experience beautiful bassinet. Baby bassinets are always very elegant, an elegant alternative to the crib, and are often valuable family values ​​handed down from generation to generation. However, parents should not worry if there is no vintage wicker baby bassinet in their family tree. Bassinets can be bought in any design – from old-fashioned, delicate lace to modern plastic. The choices are endless, and making the right decision is very important if the parents want to create an heirloom.

Bassinets are often considered a luxury item because an infant usually uses only one during the first few months. They serve the same purpose as a crib, but they are usually much more stylish. Classic elegance is the theme of most bassinets, and often they are made of a wicker base. No matter what type of bassinet the new parent is looking for, there are some important qualities that parents need to know. Most importantly, the bassinet must have a broad and solid base. It should not be unstable or fragile. It is especially important to check the old bassinets, as years of use can weaken the joints of the base.

If there are other small children or pets in the household, bassinet should be used very carefully, as they tend to tip more easily then a crib. The mattress should be relatively firm and fit snugly inside the bassinet. If more than two fingers can fit between the bassinet mattress and the bassinet, the mattress is too small. The hood of the bassinet should be retractable for convenience; This is often not the case in the antique baby bassinet.


Not all bassinets are expensive. It is easy to find economical models of different brands. However, cheap baby bassinets often lack the beauty and grace of more expensive models. They are more focused on function than beauty.

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