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An absorbent piece of cloth or paper called a towel is used for cleaning or drying surfaces. Through direct touch, towels absorb moisture.

There are several different towel kinds used in households, including hand towels, bath towels, and kitchen towels.

In business or office bathrooms, paper towels are offered to users via a dispenser so they may dry their hands. Additionally, they are employed for tasks including wiping, cleaning, and drying.

A bath towel is used to dry the body after a shower or bath while it is wet. It is normally composed of terrycloth, rectangular in shape, and measures 30 in. by 60 in. (76 cm. x 152 cm).

beach towel is often bigger than a bath towel and frequently has a design in bright colors. Its primary use is to give a surface on which to lay down, despite the fact that it is frequently used for drying off after being in the water. They are also used to wipe sand off the body or things and for privacy when changing clothes in a public place.


Paper towels are pieces of paper that can be used as towels once, then they may be thrown away. A perforated roll of paper towels is often fixed on a rod that is slightly longer than the roll’s width or in a hanger with protrusions on the ears that fit into the ends of the roll. Facial tissues may alternatively be packaged as paper towels (as individual folded sheets).

sports towel is a synthetic or semi-synthetic towel that was initially created for divers and swimmers and is valued for its exceptionally high absorption rates. Sports towels may be wrung out after being soaked, leaving the towel still able to absorb water. These features, together with the fact that they are portable, have helped sports towels become more well-liked among general outdoor and sports lovers. Viscose, PVA, or microfiber may be used as the absorbent material in sports towels, with polyester weaved in for durability. To better limit microbial development and related aromas, some manufacturers treat their towels with silver ions or other compounds.

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