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Garfield Mark Logan, sometimes known as Beast Boy, is a fictional superhero that appears in DC Comics’ American comic books. He’s also gone by the alias Changeling. He is a shapeshifter who can metamorph into whatever animal he desires, according to writer Arnold Drake and illustrator Bob Brown. The figure debuted in The Doom Patrol #99 (November 1965) and is frequently shown as a member of the Doom Patrol and the Teen Titans.

Beast Boy has featured in a number of animated television episodes and films, notably as one of the Teen Titans in the Cartoon Network series of the same name, voiced by Greg Cipes. Gar Logan, played by Ryan Potter, makes his live-action debut in the DC Universe and HBO Max series Titans.

Garfield Logan grew up in Africa with his scientific parents, who were working on “reverse evolution” to bring extinct species back to life. He was abused by his parents and became progressively reclusive as a result. Garfield was infected with Sakutia, a rare disease that kills all animals save the West African green monkey. In order to save his life, his father performed an unproven scientific experiment to turn him into a West African green monkey for 24 hours, allowing the virus to die. The serum had the unexpected side effect of turning his skin, eyes, and hair green, as well as giving him the power to metamorph into whatever animal he wanted.

Garfield feels he might have avoided his parents’ deaths after they perished in a boating accident. After being rescued from two kidnappers who compelled him to utilize his talents to aid them in their crimes, Garfield is placed in the custody of Nicholas Galtry, a court-appointed guardian. Galtry understands that his theft from the Logan estate will be revealed when Garfield reaches adulthood and receives his inheritance, so he schemes to kill him. The Doom Patrol stops the criminals he employs to assassinate Garfield, while Elasti-Girl and her husband Steve Dayton uncover Galtry’s embezzlement and adopt Garfield.

Garfield subsequently becomes a member of the Doom Patrol. Beast Boy is his code name, and he wears a purple cowl in his outfit. Garfield had a love connection with Jillian Jackson, a girl from his high school, during his time with the Doom Patrol. The romance ends when he saves her from Galtry (under the identity “Arsenal”). The deaths of the Doom Patrol later have a profound impact on Beast Boy.

He then utilizes his lime green skin and shape-shifting abilities to play an extraterrestrial figure in the science-fiction television series Space Trek: 2020, but the show is quickly canceled owing to Star Trek and Space: 1999 litigation. During the series’ run, Garfield joins the Teen Titans’ West Coast squad (dubbed Titans West) and subsequently becomes a member of the New Teen Titans created by Dick Grayson and Raven. Garfield has acquired the moniker Changeling by this point.

This name change is not explained until a later flashback reveals that a new incarnation of an old Doom Patrol foe, the Arsenal (from DP #113, August 1967), assumed this time by Gar’s ex-guardian Nicholas Galtry, derided the moniker “Beast Boy” to the point of ruining it for him. He stays with the squad in different incarnations and develops a good connection with Cyborg.

Through his joking and “smart cracking,” Garfield’s persona is frequently employed as comedic relief. This, however, is simply a mask, as he hides a profound inner anguish behind laughter. Logan has been through a lot in his life, some of which have already been mentioned. Garfield’s stepfather was discovered to have been driven insane by the helmet that was central to his powers during his time with the New Teen Titans, and when Garfield fell in love with Terra, a girl with earth-manipulating powers and fellow Teen Titans member, who turned out to be a spy working for the assassin Deathstroke the Terminator and was eventually killed.

Despite his difficulties, Garfield is a pleasant, funny, and optimistic character. He considers the New Teen Titans, like most of the other founding members (including Nightwing), to be his family and the ones with whom he will always be closest. Garfield loves and trusts his old teammates wholeheartedly, despite his struggles with being taken seriously and an inferiority mentality.

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