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Bibox is a cryptocurrency exchange that exclusively allows users to trade digital money. The Bibox exchange does not accept fiat money, thus users must first obtain their bitcoin from another source before utilizing the Bibox exchange. Having stated that, the marketplaces where cryptocurrencies may be exchanged include dai, ethereum, bitcoin, and tether (DAI). Like Tether, the dai cryptocurrency is a decentralized stable coin.

Founded in 2017, the exchange is owned and run by a highly skilled group of Chinese blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals. The team comprises co-founders of two of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in China and the globe, and OKCoin, as well as other founding members of The Bibox exchange is supported by a highly skilled crew and infrastructure, yet it is still uncontrolled by any respectable regulatory bodies. This does not, however, imply that the exchange cannot be relied upon. In order to determine what makes Bibox unique from the competition and whether they can be trusted, we must go deeply into the components that make up this cryptocurrency exchange.

The outstanding web-based trading platform that Bibox provides its traders with may be accessed immediately from the Bibox website. The exchanges platform has a gorgeous layout that makes it simple to use and comprehend all of its capabilities. Traders can choose between a full-screen platform mode and a simple platform mode. The latter is a little more sophisticated and designed for seasoned traders who wish to make use of the offered technical analysis tools. However, while having distinct layouts, both versions of the platform offer the same functions.


Both platform versions include a comprehensive chart where traders may examine the price of the underlying digital asset using a variety of technical indicators and charting tools. Additionally, traders have access to a variety of order types, including market orders, limit orders, and stop-loss orders.

The distinction between the Bibox exchange platform and other cryptocurrency exchanges comes from the use of AI modules and other clever technologies that enable the finest trading transactions to be completed with the least amount of human engagement. On the other hand, there isn’t a lot of information available on how this AI-enhanced technology functions. Modern distributed cluster architecture, another distinctive technology used by Bibox, maintains the platform’s reliability. The Bibox downloaded application makes the exchange platform completely compatible with all mobile devices.

Regarding the marketplaces for Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are a lot more coins that may be exchanged there. The list changes as a result of Bibox’s ongoing additions and deletions of coins. The number of cryptocurrencies that may be traded against Bitcoin or Ethereum is always at least 50.

Trading costs on the Bibox trading exchange can be paid with discounts for buyers of the company’s own Bibox Token. This gives traders a reason to purchase and keep the Bibox Token. A tiny 0.1% trading charge must be paid on each trade by traders who do not own the token. Cryptocurrency deposits are free, however withdrawals from the exchange are subject to a fee of 1% of the amount taken, with a minimum withdrawal of $15. Although the amount of the discount you get when paying these fees with the Bibox Token isn’t specified, we do know reductions are given.

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