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Billiards, also known as a pool, is one of the most popular recreational activities. The game is not difficult to learn, but there are some skills involved. Billiards includes a pool table, a set of billiard balls and cues. Billiards is the only instruments used to move the balls during the game. Although the mechanics of the game always remain the same, the appearance of the game pieces may vary according to the individual style of the player.

At first glance, this may seem like a regular stick, but in fact it has many important details and functions that affect pressure, power and grip. Some of the features of the standard copy are the tip (which comes in contact with the billiard balls) of the shaft, handle and bumper. Each complex part of a billiard replica contributes to its overall performance in the game.


When it comes to billiard cues, there are many different designs to choose from. The cues are made of wood, and can be painted, cut and otherwise decorated. They can also be done a little more on the handle (but not on top) so that more designs can be presented. This, of course, also changes the feel of the cue in the player’s hand, so using a thicker billiard cues can force the player to change game strategy as well. There are several companies that specialize in personalized billiard cues. Some of these special features may include bumper design, cue colors, personalized engraftments, and grips that are crafted to fit an individual’s hand. Some companies have their own individual billiard cues and are sold under a specific name or model number.

To protect these beautifully crafted cues, there are equally sturdy and attractive cue sheaths. The sheath is designed to cover the cue when not in use. Many sheathes also include a strap that the wearer can use to carry items. Sheaths are slightly larger than billiard cues, so even more details can be placed in a possible finish. Designer cues are also a popular item, especially for keen players and pool professionals.

It is important to protect billiards cues, because the broken cue makes playing pool very difficult. When not in use, the owner should always place cues in a safe place, if possible, covered with a sheath, so as not to scratch, stepped on, tripped over, or broken.

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