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There are more than 10,000 beautiful species of birds with the diversity of colors present in the world. Bright feathers catch the eye of the bird watcher. Bright colored feathers are also used by men to find female counterparts.

Why do birds have such beautiful feathers?


  • Birds have attractive and colorful feathers to attract prospective mates. Some male birds use their colored feathers to dance and to attract the females.
  • Birds have beautiful colorful feathers to distinguish from each other in the herd. Without the colors, birds will be get confused with their mates or families.
  • Birds use their colored feathers for flight. Depending on the size and weight, the bird can make long flights. Different weights of the feathers give them different flight abilities of flying. Feathers protect the bird from environmental changes, and colors help to hide.
  • The difference in the color of the feathers is associated with the change in pigments. Pigments are what gives the color to the feathers.
  • The difference in color also helps them maintain stable body temperatures. For example, black feathers attract more heat to themselves than white feathers.
  • Birds also use their bright feathers to warn against other birds on their territory. For example, when they become angry or threatened, different kinds of birds show their white feathers (present on the tails).

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