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Blacksmithing is an extremely skilled job, and although blacksmiths are no longer abundant like they were before, they are still able to earn esteem and high costs for their work. The work of blacksmiths has been very essential historically since blacksmiths many years ago did many things, from nails to wrought iron furniture.

Blacksmiths are professionals who work with metals like iron, shaping them into decorative or useful shapes. The “black” in the blacksmith is called the metals on which the blacksmiths work. Metals accumulate layers of black or dark oxides during their work. “Smith” comes from “smite” which means hit; so blacksmith literally means someone who hits black metals.

The tools used in blacksmithing are just simple, and the beauty of the work lies in the worker’s expertise. A blacksmith, at least, has a form of heating the metal until it is malleable, with the anvil, the hard surface where the metal is touched. The blacksmith also has hammers and similar tools used to hitting and refining metals.


Wrought iron furnishings and ornaments can be made in the blacksmith shop and they can also make tools. Most of today’s blacksmiths focus on creating excellent metallic pieces of art or tradition for customers. Visitors who visit a blacksmith always observe the low lighting conditions.

The low level of light may seem counterintuitive in the workplace of a skillful person, but it allows the blacksmith to assess the warmth of the piece of metal he is working on based on color. Metals go through different phases as they warm up and finding the ideal temperature is essential when working to produce a solid, solid piece of metal. A blacksmith’s shop tends to get noisy because of the hammering.

Farriery is a branch of blacksmithing that cannot be replaced by any machine tool. Farriers are blacksmiths who specialize in creating horseshoes and adjusting them. Although the necessary horseshoes can be mass produced, they must always be shaped according to tradition for each client of the horse, an expertise which involves comprehension of the equine structure and also of equestrian sports.

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