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A blanket is a big piece of soft material that may cover or enfold a considerable amount of the user’s body. When a person goes to sleep or is otherwise at rest, it is typically utilised. It helps to keep the user warm by trapping radiant body heat that would otherwise be lost through convection. A blanket is a common source of comfort for both children and adults.

Many varieties of blanket material, such as wool, are utilised because they are thicker and have a more substantial fabric, although light blankets can also be made from cotton. Wool blankets are warmer and burn more slowly than cotton blankets. Weaved acrylic, knitted polyester, mink, cotton, fleece, and wool are the most popular forms of blankets.


Exotic handicraft and exotic materials, such as a crocheted afghan or a silk covering, are also available on blankets. The terms blanket, comforter, quilt, and duvet are frequently used interchangeably since they all serve the same purpose.

Armies have used military blankets for ages. Military personnel are among the largest single purchasers of woollen blankets. Military blankets are typically coarse grey in colour, with thick strands measuring more than 20 microns.

Baby blankets are specially designed blankets that protect newborns from the cold. A blanket can also be used as a comfort item by little children (and some adults).

Blankets can be placed on the ground for a picnic or to allow individuals to sit in a grassy or muddy area without getting their clothes dirty. This is when temporary blankets come in handy.

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