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Abstract art uses the visual language of shape, form, color, and line to produce a composition that is free of visual references from the outside world. From the Renaissance through the middle of the nineteenth century, Western art was based on the logic of perspective and an attempt to recreate the illusion of visible reality. Many artists felt compelled to produce a new type of art at the end of the nineteenth century, one that would encompass the fundamental advances in technologyscience, and philosophy. Individual artists derived their theoretical ideas from a variety of sources, which mirrored social and intellectual preoccupations in many aspects of Western society at the period.

Non-figurative art, non-objective art, and non-representational art are all words that are used interchangeably. They are similar, yet they may not have the same meaning.

In the portrayal of images in art, abstraction denotes a departure from reality. This deviation from correct portrayal might be minor, significant, or total. Abstraction occurs on a scale of one to ten. Even art that strives for the utmost level of verisimilitude might be considered abstract, at least in theory, because perfect depiction is unattainable. Artwork that takes liberties, such as changing color and shape in noticeable ways, is considered to be partly abstract. There is no vestige of anything identifiable in total abstraction. There are few references to naturalistic creatures in geometric abstraction, for example. Figurative art and complete abstraction are nearly incompatible. However, partial abstraction is frequently seen in figurative and representational (or realistic) art.


Both geometric and lyrical abstraction are frequently completely abstract. For example, fauvism, in which color is visibly and purposefully altered in relation to reality, and cubism, which modifies the shapes of the real-life creatures represented, are two of the many art movements that incorporate partial abstraction.

The development of sophisticated abstract creative expression has resulted from Islam’s often unfavorable view of realistic art. Abstract Islamic art is nearly as old as Islam itself, with some of the earliest examples seen on early structures like the Dome of the Rock. While Islamic art has qualms about portraying persons and animals, it has no such reservations about depicting plants and inanimate things, which are permitted by even the most adamant jurists. As a result, only a small portion of Islamic art may be termed abstract.

Calligraphy, tessellating geometric patterns, and vegetal motifs known as arabesques are all traditional elements of Islamic art. All Islamic applied arts, including building, rugmaking, pottery, glassmaking, and metallurgy, as well as the borders of otherwise pictorial paintings, contain these elements.

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