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The iris is the colorful portion of your eye. Melanin, a brown pigment, is responsible for the hue. The same pigment causes skin color. Distinct quantities of pigment produce different eye hues.

Blue-eyed people share a genetic abnormality that causes their eyes to generate less melanin. About 10,000 years ago, an individual residing in Europe developed the mutation. That person is a common ancestor of today’s blue-eyed humans.

Brown is now the most prevalent eye color on the planet.

Scientists believe that in the past when everyone lived in hot areas with year-round sunshine, everyone had brown eyes. Their dark irises may have shielded their eyes from UV radiation and strong sunshine damage. Sun damage became less of an issue as people migrated north. The color of their eyes lightened, maybe making it easier to see during the dark, harsh winters.

The Europeans have the most diverse range of eye hues. Their eyes are dark brown to pale blue in color. They have the lightest eye hues in general. In Central and South America and some regions of the Middle East, hazel, green, and blue eyes are common.


If you have blue eyes, you may unknowingly be a member of one of the world’s most elite organizations! Only 8% of the world’s population possesses blue eyes because they are genetically recessive. While blue eyes are far less prevalent than brown eyes worldwide, they are common among ethnic groups living around the Baltic Sea in northern Europe.

Photophobia is more common in blue eyes than green, hazel, or brown eyes because blue eyes contain less melanin than green, hazel, or brown eyes. Because of these factors, having less melanin in your irises necessitates greater UV protection for your eyes. As a result, individuals with blue eyes should attempt to remain out of the Sun for lengthy periods and use protective eyewear while they are outside.

Blue eyes are among the most frequent eye colors at birth, despite their rarity. Most Caucasian newborns are born with blue eyes because the human eye does not have its full adult level of pigment at birth. However, because human melanin develops over time, the color of a child’s eyes changes as more melanin is generated in the iris during childhood.

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