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Colored fire is a popular pyrotechnic effect used in stage shows, fireworks, and by fire artists all around the world. A flame’s hue is dominated by blackbody radiation from soot and steam, and it might be red, orange, blue, yellow, or white. When additional chemicals are introduced to the fuel burning process, their atomic emission spectra might modify the frequencies of visible light radiation released – in other words, the color of the flame changes depending on the chemical additions. Flame coloring is also a wonderful method to show how fire transforms when exposed to heat, as well as how it affects the matter surrounding it.


Pyrotechnicians usually use metal salts to color their flames. To dissolve the needed chemicals, certain combinations of fuels and co-solvents are required. Color enhancers (typically chlorine donors) are also commonly used, with polyvinyl chloride being the most common. The flame test, in which metal cations are evaluated by placing the sample in a flame and evaluating the color generated, is a practical use of colored fire.

When there is a lack of oxygen and fuel, a phenomena known as blue fire occurs. Because the fire can’t generate enough heat to ignite the natural gas, it combusts without oxygen. Because the flame is burning at a lower temperature than a red-hot flame, it appears blue or purple.

When a chemical called “potassium nitrate” is combined with sugar or glycerol, blue flames is produced. The combination becomes damp and flammable. The blue flame is then created by igniting it.

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