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The two most popular ink colors for pens are black and blue, with black having a small edge. If you are a student or a businessman, the question is whether to use black or blue pens. Some instructors, teachers, professors, and lecturers will accept assignments completed using one of these colors, and some employers are stickers when it comes to ink colors for pens. Both sides strongly believe in the superiority of feather color, and both sides argue that form and function are on their side, and the debate rages on. The arguments for both are listed below. Seeing the arguments and weighing the pros and cons,

Those who favor black pens argue that black is a more formal and elegant color. Other ink colors, including blue, are considered too casual for the workplace or school. While most people use black pens, it can be argued that they only use them because black is the only color available when ink is first used. No matter how you look at it, black pens are produced and used by more people than any other color. Some teachers prefer that students write in black ink to highlight the red or blue ink they use for their grades. While there are many practical reasons why people prefer black ink pens, some simply prefer the aesthetic appeal of black as the formal color.


The blue ink pens have a smaller but still devoted group of followers. Many teachers and professors claim that blue ink is more soothing to the eyes; and because teachers have to read a lot in handwriting, many prefer and require their students to use blue pens. Blue pens are also especially attractive to those who write on yellow paper. Black ink tends to blend in with a yellow background, but blue ink stands out. Blue pens are also used for note taking and editing when working with black ink.

So the questions are, are blue ink pens better or black ink pens? On one side of the controversy, you have a majority of the population that used black pens, and on the other, a smaller but ardent group of supporters trying to reverse the trend of black ink. Are black ink pens used more often because of tradition and affordability, or do people actually prefer black over blue?

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