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A vessel is anchored to the bottom of a body of water with the use of a device that is often constructed of metal in order to keep the boat from drifting owing to wind or current. The word originates from the Latin word ancora, which itself is a derivative of the Greek word (ankra).

Both permanent and temporary anchors are available. A mooring is constructed using permanent anchors, which are seldom relocated and typically need a specialized service. One or more temporary anchors, which may be carried by a vessel, may be carried.

To reduce a vessel’s drift relative to the water, a sea anchor is a drag device that is not in touch with the seafloor. A drogue is a drag device that is used to direct or slow down a ship that is running up to a storm, in a sea that is following or overtaking it, or while it is crossing a bar in a sea that is breaking.


The way an anchor “hooks” onto the seafloor, gains mass, or combines the two is how strong it is. Large masses sitting on the seabed”typically a block or slab of concrete”are used as permanent anchors. Large ship’s anchors and semi-permanent mooring anchors (like mushroom anchors) get a lot of their holding strength from their bulk, which also hooks or embeds in the bottom. Modern anchors for smaller boats include metal flukes that bury themselves in the seafloor or catch on to rocks at the bottom.

The rode secures the boat to the anchor (also called a cable or a warp). It can be constructed out of rope, chain, or a mix of the two. The scope is defined as the distance between the rode’s length and the depth of the water.

The section of the ocean floor known as holding ground serves to secure a ship or boat to an anchor. A variety of anchors are made to hold in a variety of holding grounds. Hard sand, for example, holds up far better than shell, which holds up much worse.

Obstacles might make holding your ground difficult. For its holding ground, a place might be used as an anchoring. An anchor’s holding strength can be much higher in good holding ground because it can dig in and support more weight than it would in bad holding ground.

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