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The night of the bonfire refers to the night celebrations, which include the lighting of fire and fireworks. Celebrations are held to celebrate different traditions in some countries of Europe, the Caribbean and North America on different days. Today this holiday has a significant commercial value to it. Despite the environmental problems associated with the impact of fire and fireworks on the atmosphere, as well as the physical danger they pose to people, bonfire nights are still being noted. In some countries, there are still restrictions on the use of fireworks.

Bonfire in the UK

On November 5, people in the United Kingdom celebrate the bonfire with fireworks, lights, sparkles and toffee apples.


Some of them may have small fireworks on their back gardens, while cities and villages can hold organized displays in public parks.

Bonfire in Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, the bonfire night is known as the 11th Night. This occurs before the Protestant festival in Ulster and includes lighting lights consisting of tall wooden pallets and tires. The 11th night has a rich history because of its connection with the magnificent revolution of 1688 and the war in Williamite war in Ireland from 1689 to 1691. During the night the lights went out onto the hills to help the Williamite ships to safely cross through the Belfast Nought during the night. Celebrating this day meant the defeat of the Catholic armies in 1690 in the Battle of Boyne Protestant armies. On this day there are symbols of Irish nationalism and manifestations of racism and intolerance towards immigrants.
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