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The Bose Corporation is an audio equipment manufacturer based in the United States. Amar Bose founded the firm in 1964, and it is located in Framingham, Massachusetts. Bose’s most well-known goods are home audio systems and speakers, noise-canceling headphones, professional audio devices, and car sound systems. Bose has a reputation for fiercely guarding its patents, trademarks, and brand names.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which gets cash dividends from the founder Amar Bose’s non-voting shares given in 2011, is the main owner of Bose Corporation. According to the company’s annual report, Bose Corporation had sales of US$4.0 billion in the 2019 fiscal year and employed over 9,000 employees.

Amar Bose started the firm in Massachusetts in 1964 with the help of angel investors, notably Y. W. Lee, Amar’s thesis adviser, and professor. Amar became interested in speaker systems after purchasing a stereo system in 1956 and being dissatisfied with its performance. The company’s goal was to create speaker systems that reflected and replicated the sound of a performance hall by using many speakers pointed at the surrounding walls.

The Bose 2201 was the company’s first product, released in 1966. It had a unique design, with 22 speakers, several of which faced away from the listener. 2201 was created to be placed in a room’s corner, allowing reflections off the walls to expand the room’s perceived size. 2201 was a market failure and was phased out after three or four years.

Following this experience, Amar concluded that traditional audio system assessment approaches (such as evaluating distortion and frequency response) were ineffective in assessing the aim of realistic sound reproduction. The best gauge of audio quality, according to Amar, is the listener’s perception. The Bose 901 stereo speaker system, which employed eight mid-range drivers pointing towards the wall behind the speaker and a ninth driver pointing towards the listener, was also debuted in 1968.


The goal of this design was to have reflected sound dominant over direct sound in-home listening environments. Compared to other systems, the 901’s design places the mid-range and high-frequency speakers right in front of the listener. The 901 was a commercial success right first, and Bose Corporation developed quickly in the 1970s. For many years, the Bose 901 model designation was a cornerstone of the Bose line-up, being produced from 1968 until 2016.

group of Bose scientists refuted a 1989 experiment that claimed to have produced energy using cold fusion in 1991.

In Kittery, Maine, the first Bose retail store opened in 1993. Bose said that all of its retail locations in North America, EuropeJapan, and Australia will close in 2020, but 130 stores in India, Southeast Asia, South Korea, China, and the United Arab Emirates would remain operational.

Amar Bose, the company’s then-chairman and principal investor, gave the bulk of the company’s non-voting shares to his alma institution, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in 2011. A cash dividend is handed out every year to “further MIT’s research and education objectives.” However, MIT was not authorized to sell the shares, nor was it allowed to engage in the company’s administration or governance, according to the terms of the agreement. Following the death of Amar Bose in 2013, Bob Maresca was named Chief Executive Officer.

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