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A bottle opener is a device that allows metal bottle caps to be removed from glass bottles. Corkscrews, which are used to remove cork or plastic stoppers from wine bottles, are included in this category.

A metal bottle cap is pleated or ruffled over the rim of the neck of the bottle to secure it. A bottle opener is a customized lever that is placed beneath the pleated metalwork and pivots on a point on the bottle cap.

These bottle openers come in a variety of styles. Wall-mounted bottle openers are commonly found behind bars in pubs, but hand-tool bottle openers are more commonly encountered and used in homes. Although bottle openers can vary in form and aesthetics, the functional features (a tooth or lip to grasp the underside of the cap, a fulcrum across which to put the force that will remove the cap, and generally a lever for mechanical advantage) tend to be similar.

It is the first bottle opener, invented about the same time as the crown cork. However, in addition to being portable, it is also available as a permanent device that can be mounted to vertical surfaces and frequently includes a tray to capture the bottle tops. It is not capable of opening wine bottles.

A basic opener is a piece of metal with a rectangular or circular opening on one end and a strong handle on the other that may be grasped between the thumb and forefingers. When upward force is applied to the handle end of the opener, a lip is positioned beneath the edge of the bottle top, drawing it off.


The speed opener is a flat steel blade with a thumb hole on one end and a letterbox cut on the other to remove the crown seals off a bottle. They’re known as a’speed opener,’ a ‘popper,’ a’mamba,’ a ‘bar key,’ and, most often, a ‘bar blade.’ By putting the thumb hole over the bottle’s neck and pulling it, the thumb hole may be used to take bottles out of ice. Professional bartenders in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom utilize the speed opener often.

It is both easy and fast for the modern bartender, whether carried in the pocket, against the body, or on a zip string. It has the benefit of being able to open several bottles quickly and with more flair than other types of bottle openers. As a result, ‘bar blading’ is frequently used in bar flair performances.

It works in the same way as the lever variant, only it’s connected to the wall, allowing for easier bottle opening with just one hand. The bottle cap can either fall into a bottle cap catcher positioned beneath the opener or be recovered after it has been removed from the bottle. Similar sorts of openers installed on earlier vending machines are a variation of this.

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