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Bowling, also called tenpins is a bowling game, in which a heavy ball rolls long, narrow lane to a group of objects, known as the pins, the goal is to knock over pins on the opponent. The game is quite different from the sport bowls or lawn bowls in which the goal is to bring the ball to rest next to a stationary ball called the jack.

In England bowling began in the 1100s. In England, several versions of bowling at half-bowls, skittles and ninepins, which existed during the 1300s. But the first written mention of the game was made by King Edward III in 1366.


Bowling has been popular in America since colonial times. During the 17th century, the English, Dutch and German settlers brought their own version of bowling in America. At that time, the game consists of nine pins that are regularly played in the New York area is still known as “Bowling Green”. Connecticut banned ninepins in 1841 because of their gambling implications.

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