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A brass tool being a musical instrument works on the principle of resonance. This type of instrument is equipped with valves to change the pitch of the sound being produced. Pitch of the sound can also be changed by the player, changing the pressure of the lips that are located opposite the mouthpiece. These instruments are usually coated and polished in such a way that the tool material prevents corrosion. The Plating can be made with copper and silver alloys, but can also use other precious metals such as gold and silver. However, not all of them are made of brass, and in some cases, wood is used to make such instruments like the serpent and the alphorn.

A brass instrument such as trumpet, tuba, cornet, baritone horn, etc. is usually made up with valves. These valves can be both reciprocating and rotary valves. Other instruments, such as bazookas and trombones, which are an important component of jazz music are classified as sliding brass instruments.


Brass types, such as trumpets and tubes, are included in the orchestras. Major groups, concert groups, and other jazz bands also prefer Brass instruments such as trumpets, horn, baritone, and trombone. This class of musical instruments, above all, is the main component of Western music and provides a comfortable and exotic, romantic, patriotic mood. The brass instrument has undergone radical changes associated with the technical progress and tastes of music.

Some brass models, such as brass trombone, trumpet, baritone are the most commonly used instruments due to their perfection. Trombonist soft blown up, creating a sound that is rich, and also became harsh when changing the tone.

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