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Bread is the food that we put every day on our table. There are many different types of bread, today we share some myths and facts about the bread.

While you may realize that the bread you love, not so good for you, it is hard to resist. The nutritional benefits of bread after tasting absolutely delicious, it gives us carbohydrates and fiber, as well as a lot of nutrients, such as iron and folic acid. However, this food gets much of the blame for all that extra weight we carry out … all the extra calories that we take in every day, not to mention the fact that it is a source of gluten now known to be responsible for inconvenient celiac disease.

Now, if you enjoy bread, and you are overweight, the real truth is that it is likely that bread, buns, bagels and such, can be part of your problem. You can overdo it with refined grains. We’re talking the good for you whole grain here, and the more processed form found in foods such as white bread, cookies and pretzels.


The study found that those on a low-calorie diet who ate whole grains lost more belly fat than those who ate only refined grains.

Nutritionists, such as whole grains, as they provide large amounts of minerals, vitamins and fiber than refined look. Even in this case, remember whole wheat adds to your calorie quota for the day, it can add pounds if you overdo it.

Bread is also a natural source of gluten, troublesome protein (wheat, rye, and barley), which can not be tolerated by some. This may cause celiac disease, the immune system of people with this disease misidentification of gluten as a danger.

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