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Breaking Bad is an American television series that revolves around a guy named Walter White, who is a struggling high school chemistry teacher who is suffering from a midlife crisis. He has a lot of family problems. His wife is pregnant; he has a son who already has cerebral palsy. He copes with everything but when he learns he has terminal lung cancer, he gives up his patience. It was then that he turned to the life of a criminal. He begins producing and selling methamphetamine, a type of drug used to make money. He begins to use his knowledge of chemistry to create an inheritance for his family before dying. His wish to earn money is an attempt to secure the financial future for his family. The director of the television program Breaking Bad was able to depict the state of a person who is struggling to paint a better future for his family.

Breaking Bad third season become very popular show. The show received incredible reviews and also won awards. Breaking Bad has won four Emmy Awards in addition to numerous other awards and nominations. Speaking of the show, once White entered the world of drugs and criminals, he was faced with two local drug dealers. In order to save himself and his former student, Jesse, who works with him on this drug, White suggests the method of producing methamphetamine. During production, he poisons the two drug deals by leaving them in his recreational vehicle. After that, White runs from there, taking the injured Jesse.

White and Jesse later realized that one of the drug dealers had survived. With a hit, it is decided that Jesse will eliminate the body of the dead drug dealer and Walter will kill the other. Jesse does his job by dissolving the dead drug dealer in a tub filled with hydrofluoric acid. The show producers make the show more interesting with each episode. With so much drama and suspense, the show leaves the audience wanting more. The semi-solid body of the dead drug dealer slides into a hall below while the acid burns the tub.


Walter is shown as a kind man at heart. He even wants to release the other drug dealer, but when he finds out that the drug dealer intended to kill him once he is released, Walter has no choice. He kills the drug dealer. With the airing of this story in the third season, Breaking Bad is one of the most amazing drama series going on.

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